Synopsis: The Devil Doctor’s Spicy Love

Rumors say that if you ever come across an extremely handsome man in a doctor’s coat twirling a shiny scalpel between his fingers with an alluring smile on his lips that takes your breath away…


For he is the devil.

Yang Mingshen’s existence screams of six adjectives – Handsome, wealthy, talented, narcissist, arrogant and evil.

He is an unrivaled doctor from one of the most affluent and prestigious Underworld families, who sees only medicine and his own interests. Until a desire consumes him – to have a woman’s heart.

That woman, Song Jia, continues to put all the wrongs to right as a capable police officer. She, whose life was once saved by the devil doctor, refuses to bend to his tempting seduction.

“I will just take your heart and put it in somebody else’s chest. It won’t hurt at all, I promise~”

“Yes because I will be dead to feel anything.”

But the bad news comes knocking when Yang Mingshen becomes the lead forensic investigator to assist in her cases. With a devil now clinging to her, she comes across a deep, dark and cruel web of conspiracies stained with blood, love, hatred, revenge, politics and much more.

Treading into dangerous territories, will they be able to uncover the net of lies and deceit? And maybe find love along the way?

“I am not the weak patient anymore. You try to grab my neck and I will break your wrist,” Jia threw him a death glare.

Mingshen leaned in closer, chuckling devilishly. “I told you before, Spicy. I have saved your life. I have touched your heart quite literally. So that heart beating in your chest right now belongs to Yang Mingshen. If I want it, I will have it.”

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