Synopsis: The Dragon King’s Seduction

In a world where the werewolf kingdom is on the brink of war, the Alpha King is forced to offer one of his daughters hands in marriage in exchange for peace. When Princess Xendaya finds out that her younger sister has agreed to wed the Dragon King – a beast who is known for his callous, ruthless and deadly nature – she decides to take her place, making the ultimate sacrifice and signing away her freedom. Far from home and her people, will the head-strong werewolf princess survive in the kingdom of beasts? A place that is far worse than she thought. Her new husband is not only dangerous but has the sexual appetite of a hundred men. How will Xendaya cope knowing that her king has a harem and has no shortage of women? Agnarr, the Ruthless, is a merciless leader who has his eyes on a throne that he feels is his birthright, thrusting his people into the claws of full-out war and carnage. Will he continue to bottle his pain, rage, and hatred within him or allow his new queen to help guide him? How will Xendaya cope when her so-called husband turns his gaze upon her, his newest possession? How will Agnarr react when he realises he wants a taste of his new wife? And how will she remain strong and not succumb to her Dragon King’s seduction? In a clash of wills, passion and desire, will the threat that hangs above them allow them to give in?

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