Synopsis: The Dungeon Conquerors: Journey to the Peak

In a world where dungeons were an essential part of it, Rein was trying to conquer as many as possible. They were the key to gain powers in the fastest possible way. So, to reach his full potential and to become the strongest, he became a great dungeon conqueror.
With his trusty friends and lovers, he was definitely going to reach the peak alongside everyone. Join Rein and see how he went from strong to stronger and then the strongest.

1. The harem would not be too large(I’m not sure how many but probably just 4-5 main and few other here and there). All the girls would be getting their time and story.
2. The story is starting when the MC is in the middle of his growth stage and not at the very beginning. But his beginning will be mentioned in the story in some form.
3. I don’t think I need to mention this, but obviously it will not have any NTR, rape or that kind of stuff. It is actually quite a wholesome story focusing mainly on adventure, action and bit of romance and slice of life.

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