Synopsis: The Exiled Dragon

“Please, don’t eat me,” it begged. The voice was that of angels…Another hand gripped the trunk until finally, another eye appeared. One was beautiful, but now both looked back at me with an intensity that would sear into my soul until the day I died. It was a girl, a tiny girl. Her smell continued to be blown in my direction, and by the gods, I swear they were trying to draw her to me.”Creed, an exiled dragon, known for his ruthless fighting and disturbing appearance. The dragon elders deemed him unworthy of a mate, the moon goddess would not grant one that was conceived of r*pe.Odessa, a woman who lost her father to cancer, her estranged mother finds her hours later after her father’s death, whisks her away to a fantasy world to repay her debt to the Duke of Vamparia. She is now a mere blood bag, but one night fate was on her side. She escaped the vampire kingdom only to find herself found by a beast who takes her under his wings.Together they will unfold a new love and adventure as they try and defeat the vampires that hold humans hostage, for Creed to get his revenge for the new treasure he wants to call his own. Romance blossoms and even a special twist to make your heart squeeze with warmth.

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