Synopsis: The Father Of My Twins

Her marriage has been unsuccessful since that day she got married to him. One sided love, and his unknown hatred towards her. “I’d rather sleep in the guest room than with you”. His threatening voice echoed inside the room before he left. She finally understood the reality, married to him for a whole five years, only to discover now that he only used her to claim his inheritance. She was so heartbroken when she caught her own husband and his Mistress on a date that he has never taken her to, not even once. Anyways, who was she to call her his Mistress?. She should have understood that the Lady was his only Love of his Life, on the other hand, she was just an urgent second choice because his family didn’t support his marriage with a lowly class. But now he actually became the Boss that he was, he didn’t care about any bullshit from his family. “I guess, I won’t regret what I’m about to do, I’m tired”. Night falls, her drunken Handsome Husband she had admired all those years was finally at her own mercy. “There’s no backing down this time around!. I won’t always be treated like some pushover!”. When the morning time arrived, a document “DIVORCE AGREEMENT” could be seen at the top of the bed. “Where is she?!”. “E…. Em…. Your wife already left Boss”.

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