Synopsis: The Favored Margaret

Margaret is a perfect young lady, the fiancée of the first prince, Douglas, and the future queen. Until one day, she is abducted by Dermat, the heir to the enemy kingdom. This dangerously radiant man, like a lion, violates her in front of Douglas. Margaret, humiliated, fails to elicit any sympathy or remorse from her fiancé. In the subsequent developments, Margaret discovers that she has the ability to foresee the future. In the future, all outstanding men around her will fall in love with her, including Douglas, the fiancé’s brother, and Dermat, the future powerful king of the enemy nation.
Margaret looks at her elegant and handsome fiancé in the carriage. This future supporting male lead speaks to her in a cold and arrogant tone, “Even if that happened to you, I would still marry you. I don’t think you have anything to be sad about.” Margaret indeed doesn’t feel sad. She has decided to become a disobedient and rebellious woman.

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