Synopsis: The First Princess of Averlyon

Tiana’s idyllic life as a nomad is shattered when she arrives at the capital, she is declared to be the missing princess of Averlyon!

Thrown into the glamour and wealth of the royal palace, she soon realizes that something dark lurks underneath the pretty smiles and graceful curtsies. As she struggles to come to terms with her new identity, her old life seems to call her back.

Years after Tiana‚Äôs disappearance, Crown Prince Yuden is still waiting for her. However, he can no longer ignore his duty. He finally agrees to marry her younger sister Layla to secure the alliance between Averlyon and Yurania. As he prepares to slip the ring on Layla’s finger, a man appears and announces that the princess has been found!

Caught between two women, Yuden cannot help but wonder whether their reunion is one of joy or grief.

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