Synopsis: The General’s Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married!

Yun Shu crossed over in a game world and became one of the suitors for the General’s daughter aka the Female Lead?

In this world, the Male Leads are obsessed with the Female Lead, but she has no interest in them whatsoever.

To have a safe long life and avoid the bad ending, Yun Shu decided to propose the Female Lead with an assurance of a contract marriage.

She also agreed with the conditions in the contract and married her in a moment of desperation to get her freedom back.

After the marriage everything became peaceful and all, but why does the Female Lead look at her in a weird way?

She will snuggle in her arms and even wants to sleep together in the same bed?

“Why are you doing this? You know it very well that I’m not interested in girl’s!” Yun Shu yelled at her.

But the woman pressed her in bed underneath her as she whispered in her ears, “I’m a man and you are a woman? What’s the big deal?”

Yun Shu, “…”

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