Synopsis: The Genius Delta

Jonathan Silvercloud: I’m your everyday 22-year-old billionaire tech genius. What young, extremely intelligent billionaires aren’t that common? Guess that’s only in comics. Also, like in comics, the most intelligent man or werewolf in the room doesn’t find love. Or so I thought till Persephone Fayte landed a summer internship with my company. Persephone Fayte: I just landed my dream job. Okay, so it’s a summer internship. Please don’t rain on my parade. My sister and her mate are finally letting me leave Sicily and Europe! America and Silvercloud Industries, here I come! I’m ready to show everyone at Silvercloud what I am made of. I thought I was prepared for anything. I was unprepared for Jonathan Silvercloud. Also Including Two Short Side Stories: Cult Of Love (Rohan Rock & Shikoba Thorn) & Spy Games (Cillian MacCarthy & Tomila Đurić) The Genius Delta is the fourth full-length book in the Bloodmoon Pack series. You can read this as a standalone or in series order.

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