Synopsis: The Goblin God’s Predator Simulation System

Bozo, a goblin, ends up getting killed at the hands of some cruel humans. This is something normal in the world, but Bozo feels betrayed. He is angry. Why must they be hunted? Why can’t they live in peace?

His rage defined odds and his hatred against humanity, awakened the slumbering entity: Predator Simulation System.

[If the host gains high-rank ratings, then he will be able to get good rewards and skills from the simulation which he could use in real life.]

[The death in the simulation will not affect host, but he can no longer simulate the character that has died.]

Bozo, the unfortunate goblin, finally had a fortunate encounter. His plan of revenge against humanity, and his plan to build a kingdom of his own could finally set in motion after he has grown stronger, all thanks to the Predator Simulation System which was destined to belong to a monster… or being who would become a true monster in the future!

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