Synopsis: The Hybrid Queen

Rayne Lancaster thought she knew everything about her life. She had grown up happy in her pack with her warrior mother, who loved her dearly. There were certain people who were always less than kind, like the Alpha Heir and his stuck-up friends. As far as she could tell his only problem was he felt she was below him and did not fall at his feet like the other females in the pack.

She was a strong fighter, who beat even the ranked members at practice, and the Alpha and Luna were proud to have such a strong warrior in their pack. The Luna being best friends with Rayne’s mum always hoped that their children would one day be mated as she thought Rayne would make a strong and caring Luna.

Unfortunately, her dream came true on Rayne’s 18th birthday, Alpha Heir Jamison Gold was horrified when his wolf cried out mate in his head. Especially after Rayne had not received her wolf on her birthday as all wolf shifters do. He instantly rejected the bond in front of all of their peers, and Rayne wasted no time in accepting it.

After her failed shift, her mother Maria felt it was time to come clean to Rayne about her past. A secret she had to keep until she turned 18 to protect her. Who is Rayne really, who are her real parents, and why did they have to give her up?

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