Synopsis: The Lustful Young Master is Sinister!

[ Warning: Lemons ]

[ Warning: Anti-Hero ]

# No NTR ( No Netorare, only netori )
# No Yuri

[ Warning: 3 Sum, 4 sum, potential 100 women orgy ]

[ Warning: Stepmothers ]

[ Warning: Not a highly Op mc but somewhat Op Mc ]

[ Warning: This book is a shame on the pureness of Master-Disciple relation ship]

[ Warning: This is a cultivation novel with cringe dialogue such as;

Know the difference between heaven and earth

It seems you haven’t seen Mt.Tai

Courting death? Go and meet Yama.

And so on ]

[ Warning not a Simp Mc ]

[Warning: Blackmail, schemes, power dynamics, killing, mass slaughtering, war, ascend to the higher world, blood claudins ( seggs slaves ) ]

SYNOPSIS: Bai Lung Cums 1 litre per ejaculation.

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