Synopsis: The Lycan King’s Rejected Daughter

“You are nothing, and you are no one. I will never have a human as a mate. I Jarek Hudson reject you as my mate and my future Luna,” he says to me with no emotion. “Now accept it,” he demands. Keena is a human among Lycans and werewolves. At least that is until she turns 18 and her powers begin to manifest. Keena is destined to be a witch. Knowing that she doesn’t have a wolf or a lycan her fated mate rejects her. Keena is heart broken and fears a life without a mate until she meets her new body guard, Ward. Ward shows her all of the love and care that a mate should. Will Jarek come around or will Ward win her heart before Jarek can change his? Or will something sinister tear her away from both of them? Book one: Fated to the Enemy Series Book two: Rogue Princess Book three: The Lycan King’s Rejected Daughter

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