Synopsis: The Magic Academy [BL] :- Top Three Alphas Are Crazy For Me

Louise seems to have grown up overnight after his mother died will giving birth to his younger brother, Lucas.

His father abandoned him and Lucas. After both of thier secondery gender, turned out to be Omegas.

Years later Louise founds himself in the top Magic institute, The Magic Academy.

One and Only Magic Academy in Alazar Country.

Showing his vulnerable side..?
Never to those Fuckers!

Slowly falling in love with those, he thought were his enemies… ?
Never, in a million years!

Their love is slowly blooming…
However he disagrees..!

He doesn’t have those unrealastic happy-married life dreams…
or does he..?

But why the heck is everything trying to kill him!?! He didn’t deserved this.

People like him can’t even study peacefully, because of crazy people like Voilet Kins. He swears to take his revenge for any kind of grivness.

Will he survive in the semester’s of this weird Magic Academy, where some psychopaths live.

Or will his enemies get successful in killing him off…

Or maybe something even worse..He fell in love..? No way!

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