Synopsis: The prince longs for me every night after mastering thought-reading

(The main story has ended!! A 1v1, sweet and clean romance novel) Shen Chuwei suddenly travels back to ancient times to become a neglected concubine of the Crown Prince. She thought it was the beginning of a leisurely life of eating and drinking, but unexpectedly, she ends up being deeply pampered by the aloof Crown Prince.
Lady Xu: “Shen Fengyi, you’d better know your place. Tonight is my turn to serve His Highness.”
Shen Chuwei says: “The Crown Prince is yours, I promise I’m just here to freeload.”
That night, Shen Chuwei was kept in the Crown Prince’s room~
Lady Chang: “The Crown Princess is mine. You can’t even dream of sharing her.”
Shen Chuwei replies: “I’m not interested.”
Later on, not only does Shen Chuwei become the Crown Princess, but she also gives birth to a pair of twins. The Emperor and Empress are in a scramble to pamper them, guaranteeing a smooth ride to victory.

All the women in the East Palace vie to become the Crown Princess through their cunning and devious methods, yet all of these are clearly seen by Xiao Jinyan, who has the ability to read minds, causing him to avoid them.
That is, until he sees a small ‘salted fish’, sweet-talking and soft-bodied, just to his liking, “You will serve me tonight.”
As a freeloading ‘salted fish’, she trembles in fear: “Your Highness, I’m still too young.”

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