Synopsis: The Prince’s Villainous Flower [BL]

Prince Reyin is the adopted son of the royal Avalon family, reviled by royalty and upper-class families for his impoverished roots in the barren outskirts of the kingdom.

Acknowledged as a worthless royal and loathed openly by his beloved family, he lives an isolated life, tending to flowers and the sick.

Despite his circumstances, Reyin’s heart remains soft for those who despise him, and he spends his energy taking advantage of the bountiful resources accommodating a Prince to pursue his calling of medicine. However, any potential for dreams evaporates when a rogue organization burns the Avalon castle to embers.

Reyin survives due to being rescued by a mysterious member of the organization—a skilled swordsman named Hael—who claims to be the one who murdered the Prince’s family and hesitates not to pluck people at random to slaughter them.

Strangely, Reyin feels blossoms of familiarity whenever he sets eyes upon his captor. As forced proximity has the good-natured Prince relying on the villain, he realizes much too late that perhaps Hael isn’t as villainous as he seems but merely misunderstood.

And to save Hael from his damning plunge into evil, fate will require a great sacrifice from them both.

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