Getting to the point, “Proud Immortal Demon Way” is an incomparably long, golden finger against the heavens, harem greater than three digits, and with characters and scenes and a protagonist that even girls would like sort of cool cultivation novel.

It’s the year’s best stallion novel, bar none!

This book’s male protagonist, Luo Binghe, doesn’t walk the path of the lofty or the path of the waste but still manages to take thousands of readers in the literary network by storm, influencing countless YY novels thereafter.

He walks a pitch-black path.

But before he was painted black, he walked a bitter path.

Afterwards, the deep reader Shen Yuan was immersed in contents documenting infinite slaughter, making the summary before the end of the book seem very brief.

Luo Binghe was born and immediately abandoned by his parents, wrapped in white cloth, and put in a wood basin set into the water.

After nine cold days, it was only because the fishermen in the river picked him up that he didn’t freeze to death in his early childhood. Because he floated among the ice floes and it was the season of ice and many waters, he was given his current name.

He wandered the streets in his youth, starving, never wearing enough to be warm, having a gray childhood. A washerwoman working for a large family pitied the child and with no children at her knees, adopted him and treated him as her real son. The mother and son lived in bitter poverty, suffering the bullying of the wealthy.

Under such unhealthy growing conditions since childhood, Luo Binghe’s character after being blackened only grows more twisted, full of grievances, with thousands of knives set to kill in his heart. What a good root buried here for a twisted character, Shen Yuan thought with a small laugh at his mouth.

Just for a lukewarm bowl of porridge, he endured the beating of a noble son only to still be a step late, unable to rush home to let his mother eat a mouthful before she died.

In a coincidental opportunity, Luo Binghe was selected by the number one cultivation sect in the world at the time, apprenticing under ‘Xiu Ya Sword’ Shen Qingqiu.

He thought he was finally on the right track, but unexpectedly Shen Qingqiu is fair on the outside, foul on the inside; the absolute worst sort of character. He is jealous of Luo Binghe’s unparalleled talent, his heart always under siege to outperform his own disciples in cultivation, always taunting and bringing along others in ridiculing him. He only cultivated for a few years but it was already a heart-aching endeavor full of blood and tears.

It was difficult for Luo Binghe to reach sixteen years of age, finally encountering the cultivation world’s grand ceremonial Immortal Assembly Conference held every three years. In this Immortal Assembly Conference, Luo Binghe was schemed against by Shen Qingqiu and fell into the cracks between the Demon Realm and the Human Realm – an endless abyss.

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