Synopsis: The Soul System in the Apocalypse

Henry was just a simple boy but life was never simple to him. During his early years, he had actually encountered the legendary human trafficking. As such, he was sold to a place where he was forced to workday and night.

During one of the nights that he was resting after a long day of working, something astonishing happened.

He was taken to a black space where time was supposedly nonexistent. After wondering aimlessly for a long time in the darkness, something finally happened.

A screen suddenly appeared in front of him. The screen had a title written on it in bloody red bold, ‘THE SOUL SYSTEM’.

Then, a bulky amount of information was poured into his mind at that moment.

The planet that he was in was going to experience an apocalypse. Magic and other things that could only be seen in fantasy were going to appear. And during that time, it would be the period of the reign of the strongest.

As someone who hadn’t seen the world, how was he supposed to survive in such a world where not just strength, but even knowledge mattered?

Thankfully, he had managed to get THE SOUL SYSTEM that was going to guide him.

If he was going to rise in power, was he going to look for the family that he had lost many years ago? Or was he simply going to focus on finding out the cause of the sudden apocalypse, as well as to find the mysteries behind THE SOUL SYSTEM?

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