Synopsis: The Swordsmans Return with Mana

KAISER ARNOLD was born as trash, someone who couldn’t even harness their mana circle. Being mocked by everyone, he decided to become stronger. Through sheer luck, he gained a forgotten aura technique and became the strongest Aura user in the world.

Time passed and dark age has begun. He got ambushed by an unclassified monster and found himself at his deathbed. In his finale moment a mysterious book appeared before him granting the one thing he wanted more then any thing “MANA”

But by twisted fate, he realized he couldn’t survive and laughed at the cruel fate bestowed upon him.

And on that day, Arnold died and was reborn in the house of “Owsdin,” a renowned family famous for their mages sixty-eight years in the past, even before he was born.

Join him as he changes the very core of the cruel fate that was about to befall the world.

And become the strongest magical swordsman in history.

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