Synopsis: The Villain wants a sect full of maidens!

” Ahem* Ahem* A lightning tribulation, It seems, she has great potential to awaken a powerful Icy Yin element, in such case, instead of a finger, a real deal is required, ” saying that, I looked at Li Su, and Master Li.

Hearing this they both were happy but soon their happiness turned into sadness.

“N-No! It’s fine even if I am not cured, I don’t need such an Element, I am fine without it,” Li Su mutters.

Just then patriarch arrived at the scene and looked around. ” Hmm! What’s going on, ” Patriarch said.

With that, Master Li explained everything to patriarch Li including his disability. ” Hmm… It’s truly unfortunate, ” Patriarch sighed while shaking his head.

Just then, Master Li tapped his shoulders and raised an eyebrow towards me.

Patriarch looked at his eyebrow and then looked at me, ” Indeed! Young master is the answer to everything, ”

” Li Su, we have always treated you as our family, we have always cared for you and looked after you, however, our Li family has now fallen with my cultivation being destroyed… Please, understand that our Li family lies in your hands now, ” Patriarch said.

” as for young master, I know you aren’t interested in a woman like Li Su, she isn’t worth anything in your eyes, however, for the sake of this old man and the Li family, I wish that you can help us in this dire situation, of course, we will reward you handsomely for your activity, ” The old man said and knelt to the ground.

” Indeed! Please have your way with my wife and cure her, as her husband, I want to see her happy and find her life purpose, ” Master Li muttered while he also knelt on the floor.

Seeing this, Li Su clenched her fist and looked at me, she was in a position where she couldn’t deny because it would determine the fate of the Li family that was in her hands.

Patriarch’s words were correct, patriarch is no longer a powerhouse and the Li family will soon fall, perhaps if her element is strong, she could help the Li family.

With a heavy heart, she looked at me, “ Please fuck me, young master… For the sake of my family, I am willing to spread my legs in front of you “

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