Synopsis: The Villainess Wins

In order to achieve star status in the show business industry you need:

a. To be beautiful and use that beauty to reel in rich backers, producers or directors that would help you get the best jobs; or

b. Be born in a rich family that can invest in projects and let you act in them. Having a rich family would ensure you never have to step into the darkened hotel rooms;

You would think talent would be one of the requirements to shine but more times than not those with talent have their wings clipped before they could take flight.

Kiera had the beauty and talent to make it big but she was not willing to make hotel room deals just to make it. In her naivety she thought she could crawl her way up on her own. But for years she had been relegated to background characters and as a stepping stone for richer actresses. She had her ideas stolen and made the center of dark rumors.

All the while people are waiting for her to fall hard enough to turn to them for help and sign away her life as she knew it.

After an accident, she found herself years in the past. This time around she’s determined to make the right decisions. Stepping on others if needed. Being a good person led her nowhere, maybe getting her hands dirty this time would get her closer to her dreams.

Could she make the right choices this time? Will she be able to get back what she had previously thrown aside to pursue her dreams?

“If this face can’t make me famous as a main character, then I will be the villainess people will never forget. I’ll be the bad woman they always whispered me to be.”

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