Synopsis: The Wolf’s Claim

After Oliver felt the excruciating pain of his mate’s death, almost killing him in the process, he left his pack to travel and clear his head. He never expected that he would come across the one person who had caused him so much pain, to begin with, alive and well. Seeing that his fated mate had marked another as her chosen mate had broken him. She had known that placing the mark on someone else without rejecting her fated mate, Oliver, first could kill him. Yet, she did it anyway. Lana had enough of controlling men. She had lived her life in fear of the next time her drunken husband would raise a hand to her or her daughter. After running away from her abusive home, she finds peace in a small cabin with her daughter. When an injured wolf shows up, her daughter convinces her to take care of the wild beast. Seeing him transform into a man in her kitchen was the last thing she expected.

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