Synopsis: The World Ender

Aaron Hayes, an Italian scientist, discovers that Earth is bound to ruin… the planet reached the limit it could take, considering what humans did to it. He predicted that the planet has less than fifty years left before a great cataclysm occurs that will wipe out all the life on the planet.
At the same time, he is chosen by the aspects of the universe to buy time for Earth in exchange for his services. Aaron has a trait that makes him learn and absorb things faster than anyone else, and that was the trait that made the aspects choose him. In the end, to buy time for Earth, Aaron is entrusted with the immense responsibility of determining the fate of civilizations on the brink of annihilation.
Thanks to his trait, Aaron has unparalleled potential in combat. In just a few fights, his body adapts, making him stronger and smarter, and that is what the Judger of worlds, The World Ender, needs to have… the power to stop everyone by himself and land his judgment if he has to.
Soon, Aaron will become an existence feared by all the living beings in the cosmos… landing in worlds and eventually wiping their inhabitants out of existence to protect the planets themselves… soon, his legend will start… the legend of The World Ender.

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