Synopsis: The Young Wife is Pregnant: Pampered and Teased by Young Master Marshall

On a regular wedding day, normal couples would enter a wedding chamber. However, James Marshall and his bride entered a coffin in their wedding attire. There was very little space in the coffin so they laid very close to each other. Ever since then, Young Master Marshall got used to having a ‘little pet’ in his arm.Pet being a pet, it would be a shame to not pamper and shower it with love. Therefore, Young Master Marshall decided to demonstrate this theory to the best of his ability. He defended and allowed his wife to do whatever she wanted; he replaced her parents without hesitation when she said her parents did not love and appreciate her; he trampled and warned them that his wife was their boss when her siblings bullied her.His wife was always not home so Young Master Marshall demanded jealously, “My lovely wife has beautiful skin and is a natural beauty, keep an eye on her.” “Young Master, are you blind? She is flat chested…” “You know nothing!”

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