Synopsis: To Tempt My Stepbrother

“You make me want to do more than kiss you.” “Then do it,” I urge him. “I’m eighteen now.” Life after high school hasn’t been kind to Calum. When his mother remarries again and offers him the option of living with her new family till he figures out his life, he jumps on the opportunity. Cathy is living her best life. Her father has finally found love after her mother’s death. What better way to celebrate it than with a night out at the bar and three of her most favourite people? One drink leads to another and the tipsy Cathy is dared to kiss the hot stranger sitting by himself at the bar. Easy peasy, right? What’s a little tango with a stranger? Until the next day. She finds the hot stranger at her house, sitting comfortably on the couch is none other than her stepbrother. This is a spin-off of Bullied By The Badboy.

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