Synopsis: Transmigration: From Dragon Princess To Pampered Granddaughter

The most cherished Little Princess of the Dragon Clan has fallen on hard times, living in an era of scarce provisions. Thankfully, she had a grandmother who doted on her as much as life itself.
She drank brown sugar water every day and ate chicken eggs for every meal, making her plump and fair-skinned; she also donned new clothes for every season. All the young women and newlywed brides from miles around were envious of her naturally good fortune.
However, the Little Princess had her woes: she was a dragon, and she craved meat, meat, meat!!
Watch as she flexed her Dragon’s Prestige —
With just a glimpse at the trees, wild chickens would stiffly drop to the ground.
If she stood next to the river, the fish inside would voluntarily leap onto the shore.
Merely standing still, wild rabbits would run into her thigh…
And as the Dragon Clan were fiercely protective of their food, she would fight anyone who dared to snatch her eats.
Her fierce reputation extended far and wide, causing children in her group to take detours around her.
Many people sneered: “With such a greedy, delicate and fierce character, she will definitely remain unmarried!”
A certain Great Demon King who followed her said, “Marry me and become my wife. My home has endless supplies of canned beef, beef jerky, Dabai rabbit milk candy, imported chocolates, and various kinds of meat…”

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