Synopsis: True Omega

Samantha didn’t know what she was, until Alpha Jack and Luna Sara saved her from her old alpha. He was a sick man, driven mad by the loss of his luna and he abused Samantha for it. She was a true omega. Her new pack taught her that she was a gift from the Moon Goddess herself. She has the ability to calm any wolf and because of this gift, her new pack is thriving. She also causes every wolf to become extremely protective over her, because of this, it’s doubtful that she will be blessed with a mate. A mate is supposed to be protective and it would be difficult for the Moon Goddess to find a wolf strong enough to withstand the pull of an omega mate.Samantha is glad that she won’t have to worry about a mate. She doesn’t want to trust anyone outside of her pack and strong males are extremely untrustworthy in her experience.Everything is going well until her old pack begs her new one for help. The pack’s new alpha is Sammy’s mate. Can Sammy trust the new alpha or will he mistreat her? Can she forgive her old pack and save them from themselves?

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