Synopsis: Ultimate Gacha System: Reborn Into A Crazy Fantasy

After his tragic life ended, Aleron expected to reincarnate or transmigrate, but instead, he was transported with his body and summoned as a hero.

However, due to his trash stats, he couldn’t activate the Divine Blessing he received. Furious, the king ordered the court magician to extract the Divine Blessing from Aleron.

Tortured and onwards to being buried alive, Aleron found he had the Ultimate Gacha System, and initiated his first summon in the Lords of Arcane banner.

[You have summoned Darzax the Graveborn, the Sorcerer of Death and Necromancy.]

The Ultimate Gacha System has the power to summon anything by creating Summoning Banners.

Lords of Arcane.
Secret Realms: Fest of Demiplanes.
Myriad Spell Pool.
and more…!

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