Part 1 – A GAMMA’S KISS Once a shifter turned 18 they would be able to scent their mates. It felt like this was the moment everyone was waiting for. But not for me. I was happy just to be playing around, one female after another. Why settle for one when you could have a taste of many? But then I tasted her lips. And that one kiss completely changed me. For once, I was ready to give up my old ways just to have a taste of her every day of my life. Part 2 – A BETA’S FATE, AN ALPHA’S DESTINY DOMINIC’S STORY: I kept waiting for my fate to interfere, but at this point, I was already losing hope that I would ever find my mate. Maybe life would be much better with Sofia. I couldn’t deny now that I was attracted to her, and maybe that attraction was enough to make me forget Janna. Maybe we could benefit from claiming each other — so she could avoid being claimed by someone she didn’t like and me, to not be alone anymore. Because even if I didn’t want to admit it, she was slowly creeping her way into my heart. DARVIN’S STORY: My wolf is dying. Soon, I had no choice but to step down as the Alpha of my pack. With the quest to find the perfect Alphas for my sisters, I was already losing time in finding my own mate. But then she appeared out of nowhere, pulling me back into a destiny I was already ready to turn back from.

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