Synopsis: Unveil Her Secret Identities

It’s rumored that Miss Lu has no talents, isn’t a good student, is arrogant, and doesn’t care about others… A certain man, adjusting his glasses, dotes on her and says, “It’s okay, I still want to spoil her.”
No talent? One day, a piano piece played by Lu Qingyi shocked the entire entertainment circle.
A poor student? Principal Hardrick, with a flattering face, followed behind Lu Qingyi, asking obsequiously: “Dear Qingyi, when will you come back to school to teach?”
Arrogant? Doesn’t care about others? Xu Boyan said with doting affection: “These are privileges I offer her. Do you have a problem with it?”
“Boss, our intelligence network has been breached.”
One of the subordinates said cautiously.
“Ah? I’m sorry, my hand slipped.” A certain Miss nonchalantly raised her paw.
“Kiddo, how many online aliases do you have?” A certain man asked, a spoiling smile hanging on his lips.
Suddenly one day, Lu Qingyi discovered that her identity is not what she thought it was.

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