Synopsis: Villain: Ultimate Mutation System in the Alternate World

“I hate this world. I hate everyone. There’s no justice for the weak,”

Once happy and carefree, Reign’s life took a dark turn when he was kidnapped and undergone brutal experiments.

These trials broke not only his physical body but also shattered his mind.

In the end, his body couldn’t withstand the ordeal, and he died like a pitiful lab rat.

But death wasn’t the end.

He woke up in a new world as a corpse, armed with the Ultimate Mutation System.

A system that enabled him to mutate and gain power in exchange for his own humanity.

Determined to avoid being exploited again, he sets out to become a true powerhouse.

He knew that being weak would only make him a target, especially now that he was a monster.

“Kill or be killed.”

That was his only option.

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