Synopsis: Villain’s Survival: I refuse to be the Mc’s stepping stone

”Life gave me nothing, all that I achieved was from my might alone”

One of the most pitiful thing I can think of , is not being in control of your life, all of my existence played around the need to survive from the mistakes of people I never knew ,talked or even saw. I was stuck repaying a debt I didn’t even know existed. My life took a dark turn as I did whatever it took to fill my stomach—blackmailing, stealing, extorting—anything to survive.

Yet one day as I woke up , what closed in from my eyes were not the cockroaches of my apartment but a luxurious room. Countless servants, meals that seemed like feasts, and elegant clothes awaited me each day. Yet not everything that shone was gold, as I soon discovered that I had transmigrated inside the body of Favian Delecroix, the first and weakest villain of the novel ” The Call’s of Narain”.

Unfortunately for me , the damage was already done , as upon myself I had invoked the ire of the main character of the novel, someone I had no hope to beat if I was to remain as I was.
Nonetheless, I was determined to overcome the challenges presented by this unexpected opportunity, and I vowed to do everything in my power to survive the perils and make the most of this second chance at life.

[I kindly request readers to Reach at least the First ten chapters , before deciding wethever to give It a chance or not ]

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