Synopsis: When the plot-skips players into the game world

During the demon-summoning ceremony, Aiwass finally recalled his past life’s memories.
This should be an online game that his family’s company had released and operated for six years. Now, his foster father was the leader of the latest version’s antagonist organization.
He would expose his identity six years later, hesitate and then defect from the protagonist’s side. Ultimately, because he decided to take a fatal strike meant for the player character, he was killed by his upright older brother in a transitional CG without even a chance to enter the main content.
But the problem was not too significant. Aiwass also knew many secret advancement routes exclusive to the player character, as well as the Nurturing Secret Sequel regulations of the various Paths. He believed he could reverse his unfortunate fate.
So now there was only one issue left.
“According to the original plot, shouldn’t I have been rescued by the protagonist before this lousy ceremony even began?”
Tied to the ceremonial altar as a sacrifice, Aiwass fell into contemplation.

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