Synopsis: Wine God

Li Jiedong, known as the Liquor God, an international peak mixologist and wine tasting master, died in his prime from drunkenness while tasting an unearthed Han dynasty wine.
When he woke up, he found himself in a world called the Five Elements Continent, turned into a little beggar named Ji Dong. Here, there’s a very special profession, called a Yin Yang Demon Master, whose extraordinary ten-series magic skills are breathtaking. Each Yin Yang Demon Master has a Yin Yang Crown of their own, formed by their inherent attribute.
A chance encounter introduces him to the Flame Queen of the Underworld – Flame. As a person with a Yin-Yang balanced physique, he accepts the inheritance of Yin-Yang Extreme Flame, guiding his destiny on to the path of the strong.
His future, can only be created by him alone…

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