Synopsis: Wooing My Wife Back With Our Cute Twins

At her first wedding ever, Luo Qianxun hit the jackpot by marrying the Li Family CEO, Li Mingxun.
She thought marrying the man she loved was the beginning of happiness. Little did she know, it was the start of a nightmare.
The favorite sought after the throne, feigning innocence as she said, “Qianxun, I’m pregnant, please sign here. Let’s not make it too ugly.”
Luo Qianxun retorted indignantly: “You can’t set foot in this house until I divorce you. He will change his mind sooner or later.”
With countless calculated plots thrown at her, Luo Qianxun numbed her nerves, only to be unable to bear the death of the fetus in her womb.
She finally signed the divorce papers with a broken heart, “Li Mingxun, this is the last time I say I love you. I let you go.”
She thought they would part and live in peace from then on,
Who knew that Li Mingxun would turn around and entangle her again, “Qianxun, do you really want to take back your love for me?”
As truths unraveled, Luo Qianxun’s identity gradually emerged,
She was no longer the poor girl who only had her grandmother. Instead, she was the beloved pearl in the palm of the Island Master, Qiao.
“Wife, let’s get remarried.”
This was Li Mingxun’s nth proposal, “You have too many admirers. I need reassurance.”
Luo Qianxun raised an eyebrow, “NO! It feels better to have a whole forest.”
“Miss Luo, may I ask what your relationship with CEO Li is?”
Facing the media’s scrutiny, Luo Qianxun replied with a coquettish smile,
“We are just regular friends.”
Li Mingxun wasn’t annoyed, he pulled her into his arms, a mischievous smirk appeared on his lips,
“Yes, we are the kind of regular friends who had boy and girl twins together. And we’re already planning for a second baby.”

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