Synopsis: You are GUILTY:The broken promise

“Don’t you think you are being too shameless,” Sonya chided as she took a step back with every step Louise took forward.

“I’ve always been this shameless my alias name is shamelessness,” Louise smiled slyly at her.
He cornered her until she fell on the sofa, his hands placed at both side of her and he slowly leaned towards her.
“Don’t do this, we might get caught ,” Sonya pleaded. Her eyes glanced at the door in fright, silently praying that no one would come in and catch them in that compromising position.
Louise smirked at her nervousness and lowered his face, where his lips were almost touching hers. He heard her breath hitched and it stirred something in him.
He sealed her lips, engaging in a passionate kiss. It was at that time someone burst into the office….

Sonya is a renowned doctor in the field of psychology and psychiatry, who is driven by her obsession to protect her family, their inheritance and people under the Pearls.

Her life takes a sudden twist when she meets and decides to help Sianna Cole, the daughter of a rich business tycoon Louise Cole. However, the man turns out to be her ex-boyfriend and past lover in college who had abandoned and forgotten about her.

Louise doesn’t remember her at first but when he does, he tries to make amends and pursues Sonya. They finally reconcile but face obstacles that threaten to break them apart.

Louise’s past haunts him and his mental illness returns, along with his past lover and Sonya’s childhood sweethearts who are set on having them go through misery.

What will happen when his shattering past is exposed and the incident of 11 years ago is revealed? Will Sonya stay by his side as she promised? Or will she choose to give up on him?

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