Synopsis: You were told to build a tractor, but you’re building a rocket?

Due to his father’s death, Lin Ju was forced to take over the family tractor factory.
Facing the struggling tractor factory, Lin Ju said:
“No worries, the system will step in!”
“Since I can make tractors, it would be quite reasonable for me to switch production to rockets, right?”
So, in the unremarkable tractor factory, a tall rocket rose.
Then the whole world discovered that this tractor factory was becoming increasingly absurd:
New energy vehicles, tanks, jet engines, passenger planes, fighter jets, aircraft carriers…
People pointed at Lin’s nose and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be making tractors?”
Lin Ju innocently pointed at the Mars rover base: “It’s tracked, can go on the ground, you tell me if that’s not a tractor!”

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